_xnohopetheatre (_xnohopetheatre) wrote in fmhs_theatre,

So I watch and wait, and pray for the rain.

Hiy, I'm Anna, a moderator of this community, and a sophomore at fumsha.

I supposedly hold the position of "Head of Lighting for The Drama Department," but i think they're lying.

I want to get out of the department so badly, but the possibility that they may kill SL film Studies would screw me over so badly i might end up having to take IB Theatre HL. I'd rather take photo, and do theatre at Edison....so that i could get a foot into the Film/Theatre world that way.

Which reminds me.

You don't know what i'm about. I absolutely love film, and music, and art and theatre and any form of expression i can find. i really am a whore for the arts, and media, but shh. Don't tell anyone.



so, I might be staying on doing tech.


Any advice?
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